5 x 10 Storage Units

Available at Colona Self Storage

A 5 x 10 unit is great for a mid-sized bedroom, including a queen or king-sized bed, a couple dressers, household items, a TV and several small to medium sized boxes. In some cases, a 5 x 10 is all you need to clear the clutter from your garage in order to get that second vehicle back in for the winter. 

The unit measures approximately 5' wide and 10' deep with a 9' minimum ceiling height. Some units have up to a 12' ceiling height which can really maximize space if your stacking boxes, totes or even furniture.

These units are available with:
  • 4' x 7' roll-up door 
  • Standard 36" service door. 

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5 x 10 Storage Units with Roll-up Doors

Outside View of 5x10 Roll-up Door

Inside of 5 x 10 Storage Unit

Inside view of 5x10 Storage Unit

5 x 10 Storage Units with Service Doors

Outside View of 5x10 Service Door Storage Unit

Other Unit Sizes Available

10 x 10

The 10 x 10 unit is great for an entire family room or two full 
bedrooms, including several small to large sized boxes.
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10 x 20

The 10 x 20 unit is great for multi-bedroom house, 
including several oversized items like a couch, appliances, 
and a dining room set or several large boxes.
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